For an organisation to change, it requires a shift at a fundamental level; the leaders and the culture of the organisation must be prepared to work in new, unfamiliar ways to create a new narrative and have different conversations. Clients engage Acumen Global Partners because Acumen consultants deeply understand the client organisation’s current reality and what it wants to achieve and / or change.

Acumen works with leaders, leadership teams and whole of organisation on organisational change and cultural transformation projects. Clients tell us they chose Acumen as their partner, because Acumen consultants challenge the status quo, facilitate awareness of facets that were previously unseen and for their expertise in accelerating successful change.

Acumen Global Partners Clients

Some of the issues clients are facing:

We understand that organisational transformation requires us to think differently, to connect and collaborate, to focus on our strategic intent and to act boldly – and we need help to do that.

We are looking for more than a formula or cookie cutter approach to organisational change and leadership development. We want a partner who is working alongside us, and customizing the work to address the real issues, challenges and opportunities in our business. We want to partner with Acumen because they know this territory; they’ve taken others on this journey.

If only we could develop trust within the leadership team, harness our people’s potential and have real conversations, rather than people holding back and ‘leading their patch’ without awareness of the impact of their silo-ist approach.

We are facing numerous strategic challenges that are limiting our business – we want to grapple with these issues effectively and find a path that enables us to reach our stated outcomes.

To help systems create (a new narrative for them) – a new story about who they are. All transformation is linguistic and so, if (you) want to change a culture, (you) have to change the conversation

PETER BLOCK on Organisational Development

To lead adaptively relies on responding to the present situation rather than importing the past into the present and laying it on the current situation like an imperfect template

RONALD HEIFETZ, The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World