Co-Creating Organisational Transformation


Acumen’s approach is responsive to strategic business issues, based on action learning; the experiences are strongly reality based and result in immediate benefits to the business, versus an ‘isolated classroom’ style approach. 

Acumen is not wedded to one model, methodology or approach – instead we draw on a body of work from leading edge thinking combined with validated strategies to provide best fit to your organisation.

Acumen’s work is leader-led. This means we share our expertise without prescribing it and then work with you, influenced by your strategic context.

Acumen’s consultants have a rare capacity for creating high levels of personal trust and safety. This is achieved in both group and individual forums, which enables courageous conversations and fosters individual openness to grow and learn. Consistent outcomes for this approach include accessing the group’s collective intelligence, avoiding groupthink and harnessing the not so obvious points of leverage.

Acumen consultants have on average 20+ years of dedicated learning and are strong role models for the very capability they are passing on – they are tried and tested.

Approach - Acumen Global Partners