The Creative/Reactive Shift – How do we avoid slipping out of our creative best selves?

How do we avoid slipping out of our creative best selves into a reactive divisive place as lockdown eases? There’s an interesting dynamic playing out in our nation right now. If you look at why we succeeded so well at containing the Corona virus in Australia it was because the vast majority became unified around […]

A lesser-known consequence of self-care

Self-awareness and the art of understanding and mastering the emotions we lead from. We have published a couple of articles on self-care lately. What it is and the role it plays in effective leadership in times of crisis. But there’s a third part to the discussion about self-care: it is about how self-care is also […]

Self-care is the key to resilience and resourcefulness

I was reflecting on the intensity of the work that one of my clients is dealing with at the moment. They asked me to come up with a nifty thing for the leaders to think about and I realized that Covid is putting a very specific demand on leaders – which is a practice they […]

We all know what ‘self-care’ means… or do we?

What is self-care? It’s one of those terms that’s used a lot but what does it actually mean? At its simplest level, we can take self-care to mean straightforward things like getting enough sleep, eating foods which give you energy and vitality, investing in your relationships (with your partner, children or friends) in such a […]

Covid will change everything – or will it….?

There’s a trap with Covid and all the amazing positive responses that have been happening. At the start of the crisis people were rallying and showing up the way you would hope they’d show up in a crisis and we have seen the best version of themselves at play. And while some things are likely […]

Time for Heartfelt Check-ins with Each Other

After months of lockdowns and easings and now the prospect of further lockdowns, it would be natural for there to be some degree of anxiety at play in all of us. The insidious nature of anxiety is that it can be present without us being aware of it. Nonetheless it can direct our behaviour when […]


By Robert McVicar and Partners @Acumen Global Partners   Most change and transformation initiatives fail. In fact, numerous research studies inform us that approximately 75% of all change efforts fail and do not achieve their intended effect. That’s staggering! No wonder organisations are change fatigued. The challenge for organisations is the unpredictable cause and effect response […]


Effective leadership requires the skills for having courageous conversations. Being able to speak courageously develops trust and fairness, two critical ingredients for engagement. Leaders who commit to this in themselves and their teams have a clear advantage. A courageous conversation is a conversation where you take the risk of being completely open and honest, with […]


Have you ever observed someone’s actions as they are trying hard to achieve a result? It is clear to you what they need to be successful, but they can’t see it. Try as you might to enlighten them, they just don’t get it. It is as if they can’t admit something to themselves and the […]