A lesser-known consequence of self-care

Self-awareness and the art of understanding and mastering the emotions we lead from. We have published a couple of articles on self-care lately. What it is and the role it plays in effective leadership in times of crisis. But there’s a third part to the discussion about self-care: it is about how self-care is also […]

Self-care is the key to resilience and resourcefulness

I was reflecting on the intensity of the work that one of my clients is dealing with at the moment. They asked me to come up with a nifty thing for the leaders to think about and I realized that Covid is putting a very specific demand on leaders – which is a practice they […]

We all know what ‘self-care’ means… or do we?

What is self-care? It’s one of those terms that’s used a lot but what does it actually mean? At its simplest level, we can take self-care to mean straightforward things like getting enough sleep, eating foods which give you energy and vitality, investing in your relationships (with your partner, children or friends) in such a […]