Co-Creating Organisational Transformation

What We Do

Acumen believes the foundational element in the design of effective organisational change and cultural transformation programs is focusing on real business deliverables. The learning is therefore immediately applicable and profitable for the individual, their teams and the organisation.

Acumen operates in real time, working with the whole system (executive team, senior leaders, team leaders and other stakeholders) developing leaders who have the capacity to deliver on the organisation’s desired outcomes. Acumen’s role is to facilitate the learning of the leaders of the organisation – ultimately for the realisation of their potential and to the direct benefit of the business.

Leaders are unique. They have different strengths and weaknesses and they are at different stages of development both personally and professionally. The challenges and opportunities they face are specific to these and other variables, such as; the role they play within the team or organisation and the nature of the business and its current climate. Acumen consultants are expert at facilitating leaders to grow into new levels of capability, often beyond what they themselves thought was possible.

Acumen meets leaders at their learning edge with a flexible approach. Each leader’s journey becomes a unique story in and of itself.