Co-Creating Organisational Transformation

Cultural Transformation

Cultural transformation is more than organisational change, although the two are often related. Transformation says that the culture of the organisation will be so different to what was previously experienced, that it will look and feel like a new organisation.

Transforming culture is fundamentally the hardest work of all. There are recorded success stories, although most efforts fail. There is no silver bullet or formulaic approaches. There are however well known elements that with the personal commitment from the most senior organisational leaders, has the potential to cascade into larger scale cultural change.

Acumen assist client’s in a number of ways, commencing with, making real and personal the cultural cornerstones of Purpose, Vision, and Values, Beliefs and Behaviours. Until this narrative can be articulated in meaningful ways between senior leadership, broader culture change will not occur.

Creating cultural transformation with senior leaders is challenging. This group represents the social complexities, biases, hidden beliefs and behaviours that live out in the broader culture.  Bringing awareness to the limiting aspects of culture, is the perfect fodder, from which to build a base for a new culture.

The Process of Cultural Transformation Includes:

  • Striking a common chord that has meaning to the organisation and those who lead it
  • A compelling brand strategy that creates an internal and external communications strategy (including relevant technology platforms) that inspires staff and customers
  • A Leadership Culture, at the senior levels of the organisation, that is willing to be challenged, to adopt new ways of operating and see the previously unseen elements that may be limiting their leadership
  • Creating a ‘learning organisation’ that continually strengthens the whole system
  • Structural reform that enables the new culture to flourish
  • Significant projects and strategies that reposition the organisation in the hearts and minds of staff and customers
  • Pulse checks and regular feedback forums that enable real time discussions and debate about the organisation’s progress

Cultural transformation is the goal of many strategy initiatives, change programs and instances where an organisation has to adapt to rapidly changing market forces. When the senior leadership team is prepared to transform their own ways of working, relating, leading and communicating, it opens up the possibility of transformation for the whole organisation.