Co-Creating Organisational Transformation

Strategic Alignment

The challenge faced by many organisations, is not in articulating a coherent strategy, but in its successful implementation. Many reports point to a failure rate of over 70% for implementation of large-scale projects.

For an organisation to achieve its strategic intent, it requires not only a clear strategy, supported by top-down communication but also the focused participation of unit heads and leaders throughout the organization. This ‘collective leadership’ often face the daunting responsibility of making corporate strategy meaningful and actionable for their teams.

Acumen works with senior leaders, encouraging a ‘whole of system’ approach to strategy implementation, which ensures that complex initiatives such as large-scale change and cultural transformation projects, take into account all the elements in the system and the agreed outcomes.

Acumen works with organisations to help them move faster, with less chaos and more efficiency. We provide the environment that enables client organisations to implement their strategies through connecting the collective leadership of the organisation, facilitating organisational change and supporting cultural transformation.

Acumen assists, by working alongside the organisation to minimise the risk, by facilitating, deeper real time enquiry into the issues and roadblocks, through strengthening personal linkages across strategically vital elements of the business, harvesting feedback and creating an environment for a broader engagement in the deployment of strategy.

Whatever your strategy Acumen assists you to ensure your strategy investment becomes a reality

Acumen Engages the whole System

Strategic Alignment - Acumen Global Partners

Beginning with the Senior team, ‘the organizational system’ who have the highest impact on performance and change, need to be integrated and ‘own’ the change process and outcomes and role model the new way forward.