Co-Creating Organisational Transformation

Who We Are

Acumen Global Partners works with Leaders who want to embark on organizational transformation and deep change.

We don’t want to spend our time presenting models and impressing you.

We want to get on with the job of improving business performance, engaging in real conversation and leaving your people significantly more effective than when we started.

We are a group of consultants and coaches /mentors, each with twenty plus years of experience – we are tried and tested. We value projects and engagements that are challenging and are built on a foundation of commitment and meaning for those involved.

Our role as partner is to walk alongside your senior leaders, facilitating conversations and interactions that propel the organisation forward. We enable your senior people to move beyond self-limitation, to see more and to find the solutions to their complex challenges.

Acumen Global Partners’ consultants are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines, cultures and continents. What we hold in common is a desire to enable your organisation to create the leadership capacity and transform your culture, such that your vision / strategic direction becomes reality.

Acumen’s consultants have a rare capacity for creating high levels of personal trust and safety, in both group and individual forums, which leads to courageous conversations and fosters individual eagerness to grow and learn. This results in accessing the organisation’s leaders’ collective intelligence, avoiding groupthink and harnessing the not so obvious point of leverage.

Acumen consultants have on average 20+ years of dedicated learning and experiencing the very capability they are passing on – they are tried and tested.