Co-Creating Organisational Transformation

Carlos Raimundo

Carlos Raimundo Transforming Leaders & Enterprises - Acumen Global Partners

MBus (Management), Executive Coach and Trainer, Dr Carlos A. Raimundo is the creator of the 3d Simulation Technology, the Play of Life®; that revolutionised individual and team behavioural transformation more than 20 years ago.

He is as much at home coaching the General Secretary of the OEA in strategic management as he is with coaching indigenous elders on the South Pacific Island of Kiribati.



The captivating simplicity of his methodology facilitates change in people’s lives in an alive, sharp and useful manner by bypassing the neo-cortex and directly connecting with the limbic system; that part of the brain that deals with emotions, memory and sustainable behavioural change.

His extensive experience in the fields of business, philosophy, medicine, psychiatry and group training enables him to integrate the best of each. He guides individuals, executives and organisations through easy, practical steps towards new goals and directions.

He has a unique ability to identify the objectives of an organisation; the vision of the leader, be it corporate, welfare or religious, to clarify the personal values of those working toward these objectives, and then, expanding upon them, establish organisational communication that achieves both work goals and a life balance.

Dr Raimundo creates the right environment to help leaders to lift their Levels of Thinking, providing insight and intuition.

He is often brought in during growth change, conflict or needs for transformation where his skills of improving clarification and communication are in high demand. He is a sought after motivational speaker and international keynote presenter.


Dr Raimundo holds a degree in Medicine – Argentina, Psychiatry – Argentina, Masters in Business from MGSM, Thesis: Beyond Job Satisfaction to Life Satisfaction, member of AANZPA , ASGPP, AAPSG Trainer Education & Practitioner.

He is also the Director of Psychodrama, Argentina and Australia & NZ, a Member of the Human Resources Institute, Member of the Company Directors Institute, Member of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama and Member of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychodrama.

He is also the Founding Member of The John Maxwell Team, an Award Winner – ASGPP Innovators Award New York, 2004 and Author of Relationship Capital, Prentice Hall 2002.